Despojos del cerdo (pig parts)

The Fiesta de San Antón is next week and, logically, the patron saint of animals and shepherds is remembered with bonfires and a stew made with pig parts called olla de San Antón. It looks and sounds like a Spanish version of cassoulet (down to the crockery), and includes such diet- and artery-friendly ingredients as bacon, salt-cured bacon, pork ribs and back bone, and a pig tail and ear.

Olla de San Antón

Olla de San Antón

Pig snout

“Pig face without ears”

There are other pig-ear containing dishes around Andalucia. One of them is callos a la andaluza, and it takes pig parts one step further. In addition to two pig ears, it includes tripe (clean, the recipe notes), pig feet (clean), and blood sausage. The gelatin in the pig feet thickens up the sauce.

Callos a la andaluz

Callos a la andaluz

Another dish is orejas a la andaluza, or Andalucian-style ears. The orejas are boiled with a head of garlic, then cut into strips and sauteed with garlic and parsley, then garnished with sweet paprika.

No one loves talking about pig parts more than a vegetarian!

Orejas de cerdo a la andaluza

Orejas de cerdo a la andaluza





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