Vía verde en Cadíz

It’s a six or seven year-long tradition at Lou’s school for a group of parents to organize an overnight trip to explore one of Spain’s vía verdes, or disused railroad tracks that have been ripped up and turned into bike paths. We’re lucky that this year’s trip (May 14 – 15) was on possibly the most beautiful vía verde in Andalucía, under perfect weather conditions.

Cadiz via verdeThe trip started Saturday morning in Olvera, about a two-hour drive west of Granada. Our group of about 100 people, mostly on rented bikes, traveled 30 kilometers along a gentle decline (!!) through rolling hills and a preserve for black vultures, past wildflowers and pastures where fighting bulls are raised and trained, and through nearly a dozen tunnels. We ended with a coach transfer to our countryside hotel in Prado del Rey, where a bouncy house awaited the not-tired kids. We all had a lovely dinner together before retiring to our rooms or individual log cabins, and after a leisurely breakfast the next morning a big group of us went on a hike along a rushing river.

One of the three amazing (American!) organizers is a really good amateur videographer — see the video he created (2:36) for an idea of what the trip was like.

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