Ocios al aire libre

A week ago I took a bus to the village of Beas de Granada with some American friends, then we walked 16k back to Granada. We congratulated ourselves several times for picking the perfect day.desde Beas de Granada hacia la Sierra Nevada

cactus de agave


This plant (mustard?) was blooming on the plains along the Río Darro, along with the occasional red poppy and other spring flowers.


Last weekend we biked into the vega with another family to have lunch on a patio overlooking asparagus fields.


The restaurant occupies an old farmhouse. It was such a beautiful day, all the diners chose to sit outside.

Sheep and goat crossing near the restaurant  (0:21)

recorrido en bici

Biking back toward Granada. The Sierra Nevada mountains still have some snow, but it’s going fast.


Yesterday I hiked with some Americans in the Lecrin Valley south of Granada, where a microclimate is perfect for growing oranges.

Bees (0:03)

la flor del naranjo

The scent? Meh. Probably just what heaven smells like.


Use your imagination here: orange blossoms, poppies, dappled sunlight, the faint hum of bees and chirping of birds…

cerca de Melegís

acequia en Melegís

Snow melt flows along this irrigation channel in the village of Melegís

migas con peces y morcilla

Fancy migas (fried bread crumbles)

1 thought on “Ocios al aire libre

  1. karla mcgray

    Do you have days when you are immersed in such beauty, not being able to imagine yourself back in Minnesota? We are just beginning to see leaf buds open up. No color other than white blossoms on a few apple trees. You are having the experience others dream about and never have. Savor every minute. We have entered the phase with Liam of “I’ll do it by myself.” Awfully cute. Meanwhile, I am busy with Spanish, piano, painting and writing a book- in addition to yard work and being Liam once a week. Golf lessons start next week. We open the cabin this weekend too. So life is full and rich. Love you all so much and send wishes for more and more adventures and discoveries. Karla


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