Ropa para milenials

Just like in the U.S., clothes shopping in Granada is oriented toward men and women in their teens and 20s. In addition to the skinny jean there’s a super skinny jean, both of which can be dressed up with a t-shirt bearing a random statement in English. Here’s a sampling:


Forest Creatures

I am working
On myself
For myself
By myself

Given the slim pickings, I now have a capsule wardrobe and am expecting my American jeans to literally disintegrate before I can find replacements. Thanks, fashion industry!

2 thoughts on “Ropa para milenials

  1. merediemartinez

    Although I’m pretty sure Puerto Rican fashion is much different than European fashion, the pickings here are also slim (literally and figuratively). I am ready to ditch my very sparse, and now very worn, wardrobe that I brought from home.

    When do you plan to return to Minnesota, Ellen?


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