El huerto secreto

Thanks to Pete’s friend (shown below), this morning we secured the last available plot in a community garden 15 minutes from our house. I hesitated because my days already feel full, but Pete promised we would work on it jointly.

Our plot is the one in the lower right corner and is half covered in weeds. A couple of plots have volunteer artichokes (the bushy plant with spiky leaves), someone has peas, and there are some beautiful lettuces and broccoli plants (at risk of frost). The owner of the carmen (walled villa and garden) told us about a garden center where “everyone goes” and said the plants available there will be the ones that are in season. When the weather warms up I’d like to grow chard, lacinato kale, parsley, cilantro and, eventually, cherry tomatoes and flowers, but I’ll start with leeks, assuming I can find them, arugula, lettuce, and green-topped onion bulbs shared with us by Pete’s friend.

Renting a plot in the garden isn’t cheap, I suppose because it’s run by an individual and not publicly subsidized, but the fee covers water and access to shared tools. And working the garden will be another way to meet people and use our Spanish.
en el huerto

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