Un puente largo

We are just coming off an extra long weekend with two national holidaysConstitution Day was observed on Monday, and Day of the Immaculate Conception was observed on Tuesday.

During the puente we hosted a visitor, rented a car, and invited some Spanish friends* for movie night. We were also invited to a special multi-course vegetarian lunch cooked by our neighbor who owns a small restaurant. It was a very full weekend. (*They are all friends with each other, and we aspire to be their friends.)

On Saturday we went on an all-day hike in the Alpujarra with a Spanish-American group.

On Sunday we drove to the town of Alcalá la Real, about an hour northwest of Granada. My original plan was to visit three towns and see an olive oil museum I’ve become obsessed with, but I quickly realized that was far too ambitious. So we visited La Mota—where Neandertal man camped and where an uncovered Roman settlement, Moorish fort, and 16th/17th century Catholic church still coexist. Then we went to a restaurant for lunch and kicked a soccer ball around.

On Tuesday, after dropping our visitor at the Málaga International Airport, we drove to the beautifully kept town of Ronda, which is two hours west of Granada and situated on either side of a steep canyon.


4 thoughts on “Un puente largo

  1. merediemartinez

    Beautiful photos! I especially like the pictures of the Buddhist retreat center (what a fun find!) and the “new” bridge in Ronda. That certainly puts things in perspective! I’m really enjoying keeping up with your adventure…

  2. Valerie Morris Spahr

    As always I love your updates, pictures and account of activities…I am your virtual traveler..hope your shoulder isn’t too heavy! Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas. I believe you are coming to states to see Pete’s mom? Val


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