“World heritage, don’t step on it.”

I knew I was missing something in my translation when I posted this image earlier: “patrimonio de la humanidad” refers to the Albaicín’s status, along with the Alhambra and Generalife, as a World Heritage site. Such a clever note writer might have wanted to remind passerby of UNESCO’s recent warning to Granada that the city is not in compliance with its promise to protect (and keep clean) its historical sites, in particular the Albaicín neighborhood.

Why is dog poop in the street such a problem? First, people don’t have yards. When dogs need to go, they go in the street. Second, there are obviously people who just don’t care about picking up (because they are too busy tending to their dreads, says our landlord, but the problem is bigger than free-range hippies). I think it would help if Spaniards stopped calling it buena suerte—a vestige of WWI or WWII, when intact animal droppings signaled an absence of landmines and therefore “good luck”—and just call it what it is.

A fantastic word for street cleaner, according to my dictionary, is barrenderoabarrendera, although for obvious reasons it looks like it gets shortened to barrendero in actual use. For fun listen to the full audio pronunciation.

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