Nothing makes a sunrise or a bank of clouds or a Tuesday afternoon interesting like mountain peaks.  Mountain peaks also make us eager to become People Who Hike.

Last weekend we tried a gentle route leaving from the small town of Monachil, southeast of Granada.

Today we were invited to go on a hike just north of Granada with our landlord and his dog, ending at a campground where his wife was part of a group (including parents we recognized from school) putting on a theatre and music performance for kids with autism. A Spanish friend of our landlords, who has lived all over the world including Connecticut and Manhattan, joined us with his British airbnb tenants. There was lots of conversation I could participate in, perfect weather for hiking, amazing views, and a professional quality performance that made everyone happy.

1 thought on “Senderismo

  1. karla mcgray

    We just returned from New Zealand. Email did not work at all along the way, so have not been able to reply. Now catching up. Beautiful photos. You are just beginning to make new friends and have spectacular new experiences. Lou looks like a teen ager! More on NZ later. Fantastic trip.


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