Un puente

andalucia_mapaMonday was a national holiday in Spain marking the “discovery” of the Americas by Christopher Columbus. (The monarchs who forced Jews and Muslims out of Al-Andalus—Ferdinand and Isabel, mainly Isabel—were the same ones who funded Columbus in the hopes of finding riches to support their ambitious plans.)

We rented a car for the three-day weekend and more or less drove a big square: Granada, Antequera, Málaga, Almuñecar, Granada. We spent most of our time around Antequera where the weather was influenced by warm breezes from the Mediterranean colliding with cold mountain air. (Click here to read about dolmens.)

One thought on “Un puente

  1. merediemartinez

    Gorgeous photos, Ellen! I didn’t realize there are parts of Spain that are so mountainous and dry – a really beautiful landscape. As you can imagine, Columbus day is also a big deal here in PR, complete with a boat regatta at school and a three day weekend. There was some news that spoke of celebrations of the indigenous people of the Caribbean, but not as much as I expected.


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