Excursión a La Alpujarra

Las+Alpujarras+MapLast week I spent my mornings in Spanish class, and among other things that gave us access to an excellent guided excursion to La Alpujarra, a collection of small villages in the nearby Sierra Nevada mountains.

The Alpujarra was originally settled by Romans, and later occupied by Visigoths from northern Europe who invaded the Iberian peninsula in the 5th century. In the late 15th century, when King Ferdinand and Queen Isabel decided that even Moriscos (Muslims they’d forced to convert to Catholicism) were a security risk because of their possible affiliation with Ottoman Turks, the monarchs pushed the Moriscos out of greater Granada up into the mountains. Thousands of Galicians from northern Spain were also resettled in La Alpujarra to build up a Catholic presence.

We visited Lanjarón, Pampaneira, Trevélez, and Capileira.

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