Primera visita a la Oficina de Extranjeros

Today Pete and I made our first visit to the Foreigners Office. Our visas require each of us to apply for residency or DNI cards within 30 days of arrival, and having the cards will allow us to open a bank account to pay for school lunches, among other things.

hamburguesa de espinacaThe visit went smoothly—we’d been warned to expect grumpiness, and if we’d looked less like self-supporting and temporary residents we might’ve gotten it. But in a matter of 10 minutes we had the necessary forms and appointments for each of us next week. We went to a nearby photocopy place to get ID pictures taken, and once we get the forms filled out we can go to a bank to pay 15,45 euros each. Next week we’ll bring the payment receipts, ID photos, forms, and copies to the office and have our fingerprints taken. Then there’ll be a final visit to pick up the DNI cards.

On our way home we stopped for a caña (an 8oz draft beer) on the Plaza San Miguel Bajo at the end of our street. It turns out the cafe owner is a vegetarian—que suerte! She brought us a tapa that she described as a homemade spinach hamburger and it was delicious. (Tapas are small snacks that come free with a beer or glass of wine.)

3 thoughts on “Primera visita a la Oficina de Extranjeros

  1. Lizann Skelton

    Hello from 3M! It sounds like everything is going really smooth and I read the blogs with jealously:) What a wonderful adventure you are on, even though the English invasion is seeping through. We all miss you and wish you well!


    1. ellentveit Post author

      Hi Lizann! Thanks for your message and for reading the blog. Yes, we are enjoying the first date phase when we can be charmed by tapas and grocery shopping feels like an adventure. : )


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