Canto del pájaro

The last time we left town on a cloudy day we were met by steady rain, puddles and mud, and ended up calling a remise to take us home as soon as we got to our destination (and paid $35 for the pleasure of two hours of riding around). But since this is day nine of Pete’s twelve-day trip to Ecuador, I knew Lou and I had to risk another rainy day and get out of the house.

We took the bus to the Circuito Chico for the same five-mile hike we did in November. It was fun to see how things had changed in two months, and with so much bird song it was like walking through a giant aviary. Take a listen: 45 sec and 20 sec.

4 thoughts on “Canto del pájaro

  1. Kim

    I love following your families activities = ) It seems as thought Lou is adapting very well and is enjoying his day to day adventures ! The high for today in MN is -8..Wind chills are going to reach -50 in some parts of the state ! LOL

    1. ellentveit Post author

      Thanks, Kim! Yes, we are having a very good experience. I think the trip was worthwhile for all of us for multiple reasons, and Bariloche has been a lovely and interesting place to spend three months.

      I’ve seen comments on FB about the cold weather. We are totally unprepared for it.


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