Although our luggage was overweight leaving the U.S., I think we did really well packing, especially since we have clothing for 90-100F weather in Buenos Aires, for 50F and windy in Bariloche, and for Pete’s trip to Ecuador in a couple of weeks.

DSC_0114Things I am glad to have brought along include:

  • inflatable bed for Lou
  • sharp kitchen knife and a pair of scissors
  • plug adapter for Argentina
  • unsweetened peanut butter (four jars is not enough!)
  • running shoes for sunny or rainy weather, hiking trails, sidewalks of all types, and rare visits to the gym
  • trekking shoes for Lou
  • favorite shampoo and cosmetics
  • Ibuprofen, children’s Tylenol, and bandages, because when you need them, you need them
  • Kleen Kanteen reusable water bottles—just like at home, drinking water out of the tap rather than buying it in plastic bottles is probably the easiest way to keep our carbon footprint from getting even bigger
  • my laptop…

The only thing I regret not bringing is our pepper mill. I left it behind for the renters because who can live without fresh-ground pepper? Me, now.

Necessities we could only get here were SIM cards with local phone numbers (Pete got them on a pay-as-you-go plan and added data for one peso—$0.22!—a day) and bus cards.

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