¡Felices fiestas!

DSC_0249In cleaning out closets and generally trying to pare down before renters moved into our house, I found a toy that I bought for Lou last year at Christmas time. Knowing that Lou was already going to receive more gifts than he could keep track of, I decided to save the toy for some other gifting opportunity. And then I forgot about it.

When I packed Lou’s things for Argentina I included some of his favorite books and toys. Lou has played with most of the toys at least a little, but his prized possessions have been sticks acquired on walks, smooth bits of glass collected at the beach, recycled boxes and bags (for carrying sticks and glass bits), and his Argentine cuaderno, where he has been drawing letters and pictures. (Also prized were a handful of Dum Dum suckers saved from Halloween and my iPad. He is normal.)

We are extremely fortunate to have money to buy gifts and to have friends and family who take great pleasure in giving Lou gifts. At the same time, I’m glad for the reminder that kids, like grownups, often appreciate experiences, and opportunities for learning and creating, more than stuff. (There are some good reader comments on this Motherlode blog, Too Much Stuff Last Year.)

There are many reasons to celebrate this month, and we wish you happiness and closeness with others in your celebrations. We plan to celebrate by eating our last box of macaroni and cheese and doing something fun together—outside!

2 thoughts on “¡Felices fiestas!

  1. Val

    Hi Ellen, what an adventure and love how & what you write about. Everyday is obviously a “new day”…….no routine…how nice …..Val


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