When we need to understand aspects of our environment that touch our lives in critical ways—and we can’t—we make up rituals and mythology around them.

My Internet ritual:

  1. Position router directly in front of the window. The router must be able to see the signal from the tower.
  2. Position laptop next to router (no more than two feet away, and pull back the curtain). This is important! The laptop must be able to see the signal coming from the router.
  3. Turn off laptop airport so that it will feel refreshed when it looks for the signal.
  4. Disconnect router from power source. Wait. Wait. Wait. Restore power to router.
  5. Wait for blue light on MoviStar 3G thumb drive to glow steadily (not flashing).
  6. Turn on laptop airport.
  7. Hold breath and open browser.
    Lucky seven!

I haven’t yet developed the mythology around why the above ritual sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t, but I think it will involve wind and unicorns.

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