Visita al médico

la foto 5

Before we left for Argentina, I said my number one goal was to go for a walk every day. That turned out to be an easy goal since, as Pete described in his post, walking is a necessary, normal and enjoyable part of our days.

But walking instead of driving is not enough to undo the effects of years of sitting. So today Pete and I planned to join a gym where we could lift weights or take group classes with names like “Body Combat” and “Sh’bam.”

Before we could join, however, we needed to get physical exams. For a little less than $20 each, no appointment, and zero paperwork, a doctor checked our breathing, heart rates, and blood pressure, and wrote notes for us certifying that we seemed healthy. The clinic was in one of the historic-looking houses in the center of town and the furnishings in the exam room were very basic: a table for a desk with only a notepad on it, an exam table with no paper, an eye chart, a blood pressure cuff, and a bathroom scale that was shared with another exam room. When Pete was waiting for his exam earlier in the day, he said he could hear just about everything being said in other exam rooms, and he clearly overheard the receptionist on the phone requesting lab results and then spelling out a patient’s name. There’s no HIPAA here.


I meant to do a Body Pump class tonight, but when I got to the gym at 7:02 the class was already in progress, so I tried out the fanciest treadmill I’ve ever seen: I had my own TV screen! Thanks to closed captioning, I can now tell you that the Spanish word for “cougar” is “puma,” as in “Demi Moore has a new, much younger boyfriend. She’s a puma.” The gym is going to be educational! Oh yeah, I’m using the Wi-Fi, too.

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