Primeros Pasos, parte 2

The short version of this story is that Pete and I decided that it was worse for Lou to live in isolation with his parents—and contrary to our language goals for him and bad for our mental health—than to send him to a preschool that we didn’t immediately love or trust.

So Lou went back to Primeros Pasos for a few hours the Friday before the play date with Maia, and he has been there for a few hours each day this week. Yesterday he peed his pants because, by the time he got up the nerve to tell the teacher he needed to use the baño, it was too late. Here’s a cultural difference, Lou: in a class of 10 or 12 kids with two teachers, where bathroom breaks are scheduled and conducted as a group, it is courteous and necessary to ask to use the bathroom. When you are in a classroom with one bathroom and one teacher trying to supervise and somehow teach 22 (!) small people, you just get up and do what you have to do.

I picked Lou up today and he was a little tearful and pissed off that I came so late (ie at 1:15pm, immediately after my class), but Seño. Andre said that he seemed happy during the morning and that he talked to her today. She continues to be effusive about his model behavior.

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