Más duro que una piedra

Heart-shaped rock

If you have read previous blog entries, you know that we’ve had some challenges with finding a preschool for Lou. Other than that, it might sound like we’re living in Xanadu. Let me offer some balanced reporting.

Since we left home, we have lived in much smaller spaces than we are used to. We spent one week in a studio apartment with a loft bedroom. For the next month we are basically living in a hotel room with a kitchenette (we sit at the dining table or on the bed). Lou was the first to start referring to this apartment as “our room.” Because of the preschool challenges, the only time Pete and I have to ourselves is late at night (in The Room) or by special arrangement with the other adult (for example, I get to go to school and stop by the supermercado on my way home).

So, for our sanity and to give Lou a break from us, we’ve started to let him watch cartoons on TV. Since we don’t have a TV at home, Lou has had to learn about commercials and to accept that we don’t control the programming. Everything is in Spanish, but I don’t pretend that TV is about language learning. I too can zone out to those cartoons.

Our access to the Internets has also been frustrating. It goes without saying that the Internet is a form of escape—Facebook! New York Times!—and a way to feel connected to home. It’s also necessary for me to do my homework and to maintain the blog. We have been told that Internet problems occur when the wind blows (that’s a good one, huh?), and we’ve been told that there just isn’t enough bandwidth in Argentina to accommodate demand. Either way, I have to go to a restaurant with Wi-Fi for a stable connection that is powerful enough to post to the blog.

Then there are the obvious language challenges.

Good thing we’re all TOUGH. ; )

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