Circuito Chico

Last Sunday (November 18) we took a guided excursion called the Circuito Chico, or short circuit. We left town in a micro bus (called a “micro”) and drove west along Lake Nahuel Huapi. It was another gorgeous day, and our two-lane ribbon of road was bordered with conifers and leafed-out trees, masses of yellow flowers, blue lake water, and hostels, hotels, private lake homes, tea houses, and parrilla restaurants. I quickly came to understand that tourism absolutely dominates the local economy.

About 20 minutes out of town we made our first stop, at the base of Cerro Campanario. A chairlift would take us up to the top of the peak and then we could take the lift back down or hike down. The guide said we would be there for about half an hour, so I agreed to stay in the bus with Lou, who was sleeping in my lap. Over an hour later, Lou woke up and we had a snack. Eventually, the rest of the passengers boarded and we left. I missed some spectacular views, so we’ll go back on the colectivo (“bus”) some time.

Here are some pictures from the rest of the tour.

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