Although no one around us will be celebrating Thanksgiving, we will have a special dinner including our second to last box of macaroni and cheese. (Lou thinks we should vote on whether to have orange or white cheddar cheese and then refer to the holiday as Thanksgiving Election Day.)

In the two weeks since we left Minnesota, I have gotten distracted more times than I care to admit by the frustrations of traveling and forgotten how incredibly fortunate we are to be able to leave our jobs and experience life in another country.

I will speak for Pete and say that we are grateful for our parents, without whom this adventure would never have been possible. At a time when two of our parents are facing serious health challenges and would benefit from our support, they have shown nothing but love, encouragement and curiosity.

We are grateful for the cooperation of our employers.

And we are grateful for the interest of our friends and acquaintances. Our time here will be that much more meaningful and worthwhile if we can share it with others.

Happy Thanksgiving!

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. Bonny

    Happy Thanksgiving and Blessings from MN. Your Mom gave me the link to your blog and I have so enjoyed being part of your adventure. Bonny (Gethsemane)


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