Preocupaciones escolares

Lou went to school three days last week, for a few hours each day. After his first day at school the directora put a welcome message on the school’s Facebook page which was liked by more than 20 parents and generated a few additional welcome messages.

The staff are very nice and clearly care about the children. However, Pete has some concerns and has asked me to go with Lou on Monday to get a second opinion. Compared to the classrooms Lou has been in at home, his new classroom is chaotic:  twenty kids, including several rough-and-tumble boys and one child with special needs, with one teacher. Lou is an observer, which means he will find a way to blend in, but we want him to thrive not just survive.

Beyond finding a good preschool or colonia de verano for Lou, we need to start making connections with other parents so we can have play dates. Pete is much better than I at being a playmate for Lou, but it’s exhausting for Pete and no substitute for kid friends. Coincidentally, the daughter of the apartment hunter we just started working with is the mother of Maia, a girl in Lou’s class.

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