Buenos Aires, briefly

We’ve been in five different airports, ridden in taxis and on the metro, and walked miles. Andsomehow we’re just getting ready for our second night sleeping in beds that don’t belong to us.

Last night we stayed at Chavi’s B&B in Palermo, one of the upscale neighborhoods of Buenos Aires. It had been a hot day and we were looking forward to eating a late dinner of empanadas (which we had delivered!) and kicking back in our room. But moments after we finished eating, the power went out. In the middle of the night someone opened a window to let in cooler air and, predictably, as soon as that person fell asleep again the mosquitoes descended.

The next morning, still without power, we sat down at a beautiful breakfast table. Chavi served us coffee and cornflakes and a fruit tart and a coffee cake with orange zest (made by his mother) and a chocolate drink that we assumed was boosted with nutritional supplements but turned out to be plain ice cream. Chavi sipped mate and told us about his travels, including many trips to Minnesota with his dad, who worked for Medtronic.

I wish I’d taken a picture of Chavi—a down-to-earth, 30ish world-traveler living his dream in a million-dollar property. Actually, there are many other pictures I would like to have taken before leaving for Bariloche, but it would have required strong-arming my camera away from the four-year-old.

1 thought on “Buenos Aires, briefly

  1. Larry

    The empanadas remind me of Jennie’s staple Chinese dish, which I call dumplings. Boiled or fried with ground meat filling. Also like the pasties ? from northern MN. Re mosquitoes, no screens? Neither does NZ. Still I envy your lovely adventure. Larry


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